COVID-19 Policy (Updates)

3/23/2020 Update on Pennsylvania business closures: Lansdale Warehouse is classified as a “life-sustaining business” and will remain open during the Governor’s current orders to shut down non-essential businesses
and the new stay-at-home order. Temporary customer prioritization may be enacted as needed. Our policy has been updated to reflect this information.

The current list of businesses permitted to operate is at the end of this post.

To all,

As a precautionary measure to help prevent spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 disease and safeguard our employees and operations, we have issued a Coronavirus Prevention and Response Policy for all Lansdale Warehouse employees, customers, and visitors.

The new policy is aimed at ensuring our services continue to perform current high level and is ready to meet our customers needs as the coronavirus situation unfolds.

Lansdale Warehouse has had no COVID-19 cases among our employees, and our policy is designed to effectively manage the threat as best we can per CDC and government guidelines.

Some of the provisions of the policy may impact our ability to do business if the spread of the disease worsens, but we will continue to provide uninterrupted services to the best of our abilities and as government guidelines and policies allow.

As the situation remains fluid, this policy is updated to reflect any new guidelines or instructions from authorities.

PA Industry Operation Guidance

UPDATED 5:45pm, March 21, 2… by Governor Tom Wolf on Scribd