Why outsourcing to a 3PL provider might be good for business

Third Party Logistics (3PL) is a service which allows companies to outsource all things associated with logistics including warehousing, transportation, pick-pack, compliance labeling, etc.  Utilizing a 3PL provider allows customer to focus on other parts of their business.  The 3PL provider offers all in one solutions and helping customers maximize profits, reduce wait times and improve customer service.  

Utilizing a 3PL provider eliminates the need to invest in warehouse space and staff.  Lansdale Warehouse has 600,000 sq feet of storage capacity and trained logistic professionals experienced in inventory control and material handling.  

3PL providers give companies the flexibility to scale space according to inventory needs.  Companies can utilize more space and resources as needed.  Lansdale Warehouse is flexible to customer’s seasonal volumes, providing space and staffing on an as needed basis.

Best practices in logistics are known by 3PL providers.  Lansdale Warehouse is continuously staying up to date in technology and trends as well as monitoring practices to eliminate inefficiencies.  Our technologies, including radio frequency communications (RF), warehouse management systems (WMS), electronic data interchange (EDI) provide inventory management and visibility allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies.
The outsourcing of logistic services ensures continuous improvement, helps maximize profit, reduce wait times, and improves customer service.