What is “Pick and Pack”?

Pick and Pack services entail taking goods out of stock (picking) and packing them so they can be effectively shipped to the end customer.  

Lansdale Warehouse’s fulfillment team has been picking items for orders, packaging the items safely and securely, and promptly shipping to end customer since 1958.  

Order fulfillment options including breaking down pallets of cases for shipment of individual cases, picking individual items (pack or inner packs) from cases for order fulfillment as well as building new cartons, packs or pallets to meet customer requirements.

We offer a range of services from inbound to outbound allowing customers to customize how they want to handle and add value to their products.

Inbound services include

  • Unloading (container, vehicle, rail) unpackaged, loose, or palletized material
  • Receiving inventory (check and receipt)
  • Put away into storage (stretch wrap and put away)

Outbound services include

  • Order pick and pack (inner carton, full carton, or pallet picking)
  • Packaging
  • Product labeling (compliance, etc.)
  • Kitting and light assembly
  • Vehicle loading

Lansdale Warehouse’s extensive experience gives customers the solutions for handling, segregating items, repacking items for individual orders, creating barcodes, shipping labels and invoices.  Our fulfillment services free up your time so you can focus on your core business.